Innovative Methods

Traffic Data Collection

Collection of traffic Data is very essential in order to fulfil the demand of the transport models.

At DATS, we are specialised in traffic data collection i.e. Traffic Volume counts (along city roads and Highways) Turing movement counts, Origin-Destination Surveys, Pedestrian Count surveys,Bicycle counts surveys,Parking Surveys,Work place survey,Speed and Delay Surveys, Queue length surveys, Traffic Violation Studies and other Online Surveys.

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Big Data & Analytics

Traffic data Analysis

Proper utilization of the traffic data collection and interpretation of the data collected in very important in formulating future investment plans and prioritisation of different development phases and forecasting the future trends.

Our services include…

● Big data & Traffic Analysis
● Traffic & Revenue forecasts Analysis
● Traffic network Modelling
● Potential Traffic Leakage link roads

Mobile technology & Digital Transformation

Highway Asset Management

Besides toll collection, the other key responsibility of the toll road developers is to maintain the road.

Our company will be able not only manage and upkeep of the highway assets including emergency road repairs but also preventive road repairs in order to increase the life of the pavement.

Our services include…

● Highway Inventory Management
● Maintenance of Horticulture on the Highway
● Road user facility management (Rest Areas, Toilet blocks, Truck lay byes etc..)
● Cost effective maintenance technologies

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Environment friendly

Safety Highways

Within the fast-moving world, everyone wants to move places within no time and road users are no exceptions to it and the speed on the roads are increasing day by day and making Highways Safe for Road users is of utmost importance. We provide experts services during all phases of the project from safety point of view right from design to operation phase of the project. Our services also include promotion of environment friendly methods and process to make sustainable highways.

Our services include…

● Safety Audits
● Initiatives towards Green Highways
● Energy Efficient Highways

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